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Thanks for all the hard work and support!

Many thanks!

So many great, talented people devote their hard work fighting the opioid crisis. The Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse and Prevention would like to thank everyone for their dedication, as well as their diligent work with state lawmakers to develop the new package of bills that Gov. Jared Polis recently signed into law. The measures will strengthen Colorado’s fight against the opioid epidemic, as well as bolster the resources for substance abuse prevention and treatment.

The Consortium wants to thank all of the Consortium partners for your hard work, which contributed to these successes. Each work group member and participant is part of this success. We’d also like to thank the bill sponsors:


Senate President Leroy Garcia (Pueblo): SB19-001

Senator Julie Gonzales (Denver): SB19-227

Senator Dominick Moreno (Adams): SB19-228

Senator Kevin Priola (Adams): SB19-008, SB19-079, HB19-1009; HB19-1287

Senator Brittany Pettersen (Jefferson): SB19-008, SB19-227; HB19-1009, HB19-1287

Senator Nancy Todd (Arapahoe): SB19-079

Senator Faith Winter (Adams): SB19-228


Representative Bri Buentello (Fremont, Otero, Pueblo): SB19-001, SB19-228

Representative Daneya Esgar (Pueblo): HB19-1287, SB19-079

Representative Leslie Herod (Denver): SB19-227

Representative Chris Kennedy (Jefferson): HB 19-1009; SB19-008; SB19-227;

Representative Lois Landgraf (El Paso): SB19-079

Representative Jonathan Singer (Boulder): HB19-1009, SB19-008, SB19-228

Representative James Wilson (Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Park): HB19-1287