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The Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention works with the Colorado General Assembly to provide reliable information about the prescription drug use and misuse and prepare possible policies and regulations. That includes supporting the Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorder Interim Study Committee, a bipartisan panel of legislators that reviews data and helps develop potential bills.

Since 2017, the study committee has collected input from numerous stakeholders about a number of subjects, including clinical practice measures, expanding access to treatment, prevention approaches, harm reduction approaches, recovery supports, and alternative criminal justice responses. 

2024 Session

The 2023 Interim Study Committee on Opioids and Other Substance Use Disorders approved four bills that will be considered by the General Assembly in 2024. The Consortium has written a summary of the bills, which you can read here.

2023 Interim Study Committee

In August 2023, the Consortium and a researcher from the Colorado School of Public Health prepared a compendium of the research and testimony taken by the study committee since 2017. In all, the study committee drafted 16 bipartisan bills of which 14 were passed by the Colorado General Assembly and were signed by the governor. You can download and read that report by clicking the link below.