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Videos can be a compelling way of informing the public about the value of naloxone, the pain of losing someone to an overdose, and the power of life in recovery. Videos can tell moving stories that encourage viewers to reflect on the crisis, change belies, or take action.

The Consortium has produced several series of videos that your organization can use to promote Colorado Naloxone Awareness Month (in August), International Overdose Awareness Day (on Aug. 31), and Recovery Month (in September.) The videos below can be shared on social media, used on websites, or shown during events. Please let the Consortium know if you would like to use the videos by emailing us.

Gabriella’s story

Naloxone is a safe medication that saves lives, like it did for Gabi Turnbill. Learn about her and her family’s story of how naloxone enabled Gabi to survive opioid overdoses and keep her alive so she could begin her recovery. These videos were produced in conjunction with OpiRescue, a smartphone app that can help reverse overdoses.

Making It Through: Gabriella’s Story

This moving 4:43-long video tells the full story of Gabi’s experience with drugs and the multiple times naloxone saved her life. Gabi’s father, Arthur, also speaks about a parent’s experience watching his daughter struggle with addiction before turning her life around.

This video could be shared online or used as part of an event presentation.

Gabi and Arthur   

These six 15- and 30-second videos highlight important parts of Gabi’s story, especially the value of naloxone. You can view the videos in the showcase player on this page or the Consortium’s Vimeo page. These videos can be shared online in social media posts or in presentations. Possible text for posts can be used in captions.


OpiRescue is a smartphone app that helps users administer naloxone and take other steps that could reverse an overdose. The app is available on Apple or Android devices. The videos below could be used to promote OpiRescue online or in presentations.

Gabi and Art OpiRescue Promotional Video (41 seconds)

Learn More About OpiRescue (30 seconds)

Beyond the Numbers: Beyond the Numbers: Echoes of the Opioid Epidemic

This series of short videos tells the stories of 18 people touched by opioid and other substance use and how their lives have been filled with love, loss, and hope. Each story was created by someone directly impacted by substance use. They tell their stories using family photos and first-person narration to help viewers understand the personal impact of the crisis.

You can view the videos on the Consortium’s web page or in the video showcase below.