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Overdose Awareness Day

Each year, Coloradans join people from around the world to commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day on Aug. 31. This day is filled with moving events as people celebrate the lives of those lost to drug overdoses and raise awareness about the importance of overdose prevention. Many organizations host events, some of which take place in the weeks before or after the official day.

Since 2017, the Consortium has supported organizations around the state in their work to organize and promote their local events. Members of the Consortium staff have attended events to provide speeches and lead naloxone training, and we can provide resources such as print handouts and, if available, naloxone.

Many individuals, communities, and organizations have begun organizing Overdose Day events that reflect the spirit and concerns of their community. Local organizers are encouraged to consider using promotional material from the website and register their events on the site’s calendar.

As the event approaches, the Consortium and some local organizations may produce more localized information that may be shared here. Some organizations also are looking to share information about and coordinate events with others. Complete this survey to share your ideas. Resources

This website is a valuable place to start, as it explains the purpose and history of International Overdose Awareness Day. It also contain resources such as planning guides, a schedule of events, and promotional material, such as social media assets.

Colorado-specific Resources