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This is a selection of recent media stories, reports, press releases, and other items that discuss the prescription drug abuse epidemic and opioid crisis. Please follow us on Twitter for regular updates.


Colorado overdose deaths fall for first time since 2012

Colorado records modest decline in drug overdose deaths — the first decline since 2012

Prescriptions Fall 14% As Colorado Doctors Cut Back On Opioids

Peer coaches offer substance use support in the ER 

Drug overdose deaths across Colorado drop for the first time in years

Colorado makes gains fighting U.S. opioid overdose death rate

CoBank Contributes $500,000 for Opioid Abuse Prevention Research and Education

Colorado’s Opioid Crisis Slows, In Part Because Of A Drug That Reverses Overdoses

Capitol review: Lawmakers chipped away at opioid epidemic with 6 bills

OBH leads CRAFT training in Pueblo

‘No county is particularly immune’

New Guide Helps Coloradans Achieve Mental Wellness and Recovery

How CU uses its expertise to fight the opioid crisis

New legislation aims to tackle opioid crisis in Colorado

Rob Valuck of CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy on Safe Injection Sites

Drawing from successful ER pilot, statewide coalition looks to limit opioids across hospital departments

As the overdose epidemic in Colorado continues, hospitals are taking a new step to dramatically reduce opioid prescriptions

Opioid Addiction Targets Emergency Department Programs

New initiatives aim to slow a new generation of drug addicts

Survey: More Colorado Teens Are Realizing The Risk Of Misusing Prescription Opiates

Report shows Colorado’s response to the opioid crisis

American Medical Association analysis finds progress on Colorado’s efforts to reverse opioid epidemic

The first Colorado Senate bill of the session focuses on opioids

Amid a growing opioid epidemic, lawmakers hope to end drug-addiction withdrawal in county jails

Eastern Plains Program Brings New Understanding Of Opioid Crisis To Coloradans

Fremont County officials, organizations addressing the opioid crisis together