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May 2021 legislative update

The last possible day for the 2021 legislative session is June 12. While there were hopes for the session to end late May, many anticipate session to close June 11.

One major bill the Consortium has been tracking is SB21-137, referred to as the Behavioral Health Recovery Act of 2021. Among this bill’s provisions are housing, recovery support services grant, continuing the medication-assisted treatment program and providing funding for behavioral health programs and services in frontier and rural communities. It also would continue funding for efforts of the Colorado Consortium in response to the opioid crisis. The bill contains many other provisions, which you can read about in this overview. Currently the bill has an allocation of roughly $11 million. The bill will be heard next Tuesday, May 25 at 1:30pm in the House Public and Behavioral Health & Human Services Committee.

Another important bill related to the prevention of substance use disorders (HB21-1276) was introduced on April 15 and had its first House reading on May 18. It will then have to pass the Senate.  This bill brings back many provisions from the Prevention Bill from last year, HB20-1085 that was vetoed by the Governor. It includes insurance coverage of alternatives to opioids, requirement for the Consortium to address benzodiazepine provider education, continues 7-day limit on opioids, PDMP check for 2nd fill and adds in guidance around benzodiazepine prescribing. Certain details of the bill are still being negotiated with stakeholders.

Many bills have already made it to the finish line or close to the finish line. Here is a past blog post referencing these bills in more detail.

Of these are:

SB21-122 Concerning the Bulk Purchase of Opiate Antagonists – signed by the Governor on May 14

HB21-1090 Concerning Certain Criminal Marijuana Offenses – sent to the Governor May 11

HB21-1021  Concerning Supporting the Peer Professional Support Professional Workforce – passed House and Senate committees; under consideration by Senate floor

SB21-011 Concerning the responsibilities of pharmacists related to opiate antagonists – passed House third reading May 17

SB21-098 Continuation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – to be heard in House Appropriations May 21

HB21-1012 Expand Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – sent to Senate appropriations 5/17

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