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Community Engagement

The Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention works with and supports community members throughout Colorado to help coordinate the state’s response to the misuse of medications such as opioids, stimulants, and sedatives. Local partners often include regional and local coalitions, county health departments, regional health districts, law enforcement, and public health and government entities, along with many others.

Our objective is twofold – to share best practices from across the state and to help elevate the voice of local communities with regard to needed resources. Through the collective voice of local community members throughout our 64 counties, we are able to help better inform state leaders and guide legislation to more significantly impact local challenges related to substance and opioid use disorder.

External Relations Strategists

Our External Relations team is eager to provide resources and assistance to those working to address prescription drug abuse in their local communities. For more information and support or to get more involved in the Colorado Consortium’s work, please contact one of our External Relations Strategists emailing the team.


We know every community is different, and we are grateful to collaborate with a large number of local and regional efforts across the state to address the prescription drug epidemic. Locals know best what is effective in their community. This is why it is vital to support local efforts with resources and best practices without trying to force a one size fits all solution. The map below identifies counties with existing coalitions. That said, there is a great deal of work happening in all counties across the state, regardless of whether or not there is an established coalition. Our external relations staff support efforts to combat the opioid crisis in all counties. If you would like to get involved, send an email to the external relations team member for your area and they will help to get you connected with others in your county doing this great work!

Technical and Grant Writing assistance

Our external relations staff is a vital link to grassroots efforts and provide a wealth of knowledge and technical assistance to communities working on prescription drug abuse prevention. Staff members can share knowledge and resources, help develop and implement programs, and ensure people in Colorado communities have connections with state and national leaders in addition to having access to the latest research and resources.

In addition to the technical support our External Relations Team provides, we also identified a need for capacity building in local communities to help secure funding for prevention, treatment and recovery programming. Through our grant writing assistance program, we help match your organization with established grant writers to support grant writing needs. This program is open to Colorado nonprofits, government entities, law enforcement and public health entities working to address the prescription drug crisis on a local level. For more information about how the program works and to fill out a short application, please read the Grant Writing Assistance Guide and or go to the program’s page.

Whether your coalition is just beginning or has been making headlines for months, we have multiple items that can increase functionality in your coalition and help spread the word in your community. Check out the Community Reference tool kit and other resources.