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Biden-Harris Administration’s Statement of Drug Policy Priorities for Year One

On April 1st, the White House Office of National Drug Control and Policy announced seven priorities of the Biden-Harris administration for addressing the nation’s overdose and addiction crisis.

The Administration’s memo identifies and explains the priorities and lists the strategies it will employ. The priorities are:

  1. Expanding access to evidence-based treatment.
  2. Advancing racial equity in the approach to drug policy.
  3. Enhancing evidence-based harm reduction efforts.
  4. Supporting evidence-based prevention efforts to reduce youth substance use.
  5. Reducing the supply of illicit substances.
  6. Advancing recovery-ready workplaces and expanding the addiction workforce.
  7. Expanding access to recovery support services.

Details can be found in the ONDCP memo.

The efforts of the Consortium and recent advances in legislative funding and policies that address the opioid and addiction crisis in Colorado are well aligned with the administration’s priorities. In Colorado, we can examine these federal strategies and determine where we can further focus our efforts and also ensure that Colorado organizations and state departments are well-positioned to submit competitive applications for forthcoming federal dollars.